The Process

January 2013

This medical clinic was brand new in 2012, and after “living” in it for a few months we selected some art that added color, and was pretty unique. We worked with the budget and decided to have prints on canvas with a gallery wrap treatment. We installed these with security hardware so the art wouldn’t shift when the hallway gets used.

DSC_9914DSC_9915DSC_9917 DSC_9919 DSC_9921 DSC_9922 DSC_9924

After working with another good art consultancy group in Portland for the last 10 months, I am continuing to grow perodesign art & framing with wonderful clients. Best of all, we’re working on some neat projects. Stay tuned for updates… I am working hard to balance the time to allocate photo updates and blog posts.

remember……..May all your great ideas be framed!

Well a lot of time has past since I last wrote here, and a lot of great things have happened that I will be showing you . Several new artists to show you and several new projects too. Perodesign is alive and well so keep your eyes peeled!

I stumbled upon Sarah’s work while looking for art for one of my commercial clients. I think her work is fun and colorful. We are using some of her work…which you will see once the project is in place and complete. Different pieces than what you see here of course. I have to keep some things a surprise.

Some of her pieces are available in print if the original has been sold, and she will do commissions as well.

I had to share………Enjoy!

Welcome to the new perodesign website! I hope to be consistent posting new projects that were completed, new artwork found and much more.

If you are an artist or know one that I should know, let me know. Every project is something different, and I never know what someone will be looking for tomorrow.

In addition to this new website, my office has moved. I am still in the Olympic Mills Commerce Center, but up a few floors. A better view and less train noise.

Let me know if you are in the area and I will show you the coolest tiny office, east of the Willamette, I share with 2 others.

Talk soon!

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