The Hue_ South Lake Union in Seattle

The Hue_ South Lake Union in Seattle

This was a great project to work with the developer and design team. Our mission was to design a creative and engaged living environment for the tenants. Doing this, we placed an original enameled metal piece By Jeff Fontaine in the entry and added 3 limited edition prints on acrylic in the hallway outside the leasing office. The leasing office has 2 signed limited edition prints on canvas. The next area we worked on is the community room which has a pool table, video games, TV’s, and shuffle board. To add to the coolness in this space, we framed several concert posters and band photos on canvas.

The cohesion between concept and completions was seamless and successful. Please contact us if you would like more information on the developer, design team and artists involved.


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Chris Pero

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