Our Process


Let us meet you at your needs at whatever point in your process

Adding personal touches for an interior?
Ordering artwork for your office?

We have worked with many clients with different needs. Many of my client's, for various reasons, are reluctant about curating art for a space and that is where we come in . We make the process fun and will guide you every of the way and our expertise allows us to tailor the process to you.


Our Discovery Process


Phase 1 - Preparations

In this phase we focus on understanding you and your businesses identity.

  • Setup Interview
  • Research Into The Target Business
  • Develop Initial Ideas & Solutions

Phase 2 - Scope

At this point in the discovery process we begin to focus on the resources needed to fullfill your project.

  • Determine Budget
  • Establish Timelines

Phase 3 - Reveal

Phase 3 is all about coming together with a sharing plans and ideas and either moving forward or revisiting other areas of our discovery.

  • Discovery of Plans & Ideas
  • Reveal of Finalized Plans & Ideas