It is the 50th anniversary for the Portland Trailblazers and we were asked to switch out the photos in the players hallway at the Moda Center,   Working with the Arakawa cable system gives us this opportunity to switch out artwork and continue the timeless presentation.

Portland Trailblazers 50th Anniversary

All hung up


This project was in conjunction with Studio Kale_Art.  The artwork is by Eugene, Oregon artist Jenny Gray. Being placed outside the fitness room and  being almost life size was appropriate.  Artwork was printed on canvas and framed in a float frame.

view from the fitness room

Pero Design had another chance to work with the visionary commercial interior designer, Kirsta Pettis of Sisu Design Group for this new NoPo location of World of Smiles Pediatric Dentist.

World of Smiles wanted a space geared toward their primary patients: kids. But, they wanted it to be interesting enough and stylish enough for the accompanying adults, too.

Krista is not afraid to use color in her designs and came up with this sort-of “subway” line design concept that helps navigate the open structure of work space in the clinic. Suspended panels were to further privatize some areas of the open space. We were challenged with finding a combo of color and art to coordinate with the fun floor pattern.

Suspending acrylic panels can be problematic. If you add art or other elements and want them to be an effective size, they get very heavy, very quickly. Our solution was to make the panels smaller and surround them with a lighter product. Enter acoustical felt.

I’ve been wanting a chance to use the densely colorful Filz Felt on a project and World of Smiles was perfect. The felt increases the panel size and lightens the load as well as provides excellent sound absorption for the busy clinic, while still maintaining an open feeling. The strong colors also act as a de facto frame for the artwork. The art is mounted behind the clear acrylic in this case.

This combo of felt and acrylic panels would work great for any open office or clinic space. Artwork can be mounted under the acrylic or the acrylic itself can be printed with pattern and texture.

Congratulations to World of Smiles on North Albina!

World of Smiles opens to patients on Monday, August 10.

Commercial art dentistHanging Acrylic Panelspediatric dentist floor

Many clients come to me thinking they need a consultant to help them pick out some existing art or artist to “decorate” their public spaces. What they don’t realize, is that their blank wall is an excellent opportunity to make “art” out their own product or service. Often, they already have at their disposal something that can become a compelling wall display. This will be something that will engage visitors and show off what they do best — whether that is their history, their human capital, their product or their community events. I’m talking about more than just some paintings of food for a restaurant. I’m talking about really making a statement about something unique and personal to that client.

blazersjerseysOf course, my client, the Blazers, always do a fantastic job of showing off their players at every opportunity — and why wouldn’t they? It’s their players that inspire their brand and influence their fans. But sometimes it’s their players that need the inspiration. In their training room, we have featured action shots from years past and a three dimensional view box of historic jerseys.


OBRCBut I have some other clients whose personal “art” selection wasn’t quite so obvious. Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative chose to feature some bright photographs of their community outreach events (including their awesomely engaging green bottle mascot) and their facilities. The MS Society also chose to feature their community and fundraising events. Event photos provide a ton of interest and color to an office space. It shows that these organizations are more than just people behind desks.



Vernier Software and Technology used photos taken at project sites to add interest and action to their break room and classroom.


investmentfirmA Portland investment firm uses framed pictures of their staff — their human capital — as an entry point to their offices.




Myhre Group Architects has an arsenal of fantastic projects to showcase. By installing them on a metal wall with super strong neodymium magnets, they are able to change them up as new projects are completed.

Some ideas we’d like to try:

  • Artfully frame and arrange mirrors in a dentist office to show off/show back their best work — their clients teeth!
  • History! Many companies have historic documentation and photographs. I have been bugging client, Providence, to do a series on “nursing through the ages” from their archive of black and white photography
  • Working on public site-specific art pieces of original art by collaborating with local artists — this is more than just a Monet reprint — this is commissioning a local artist to do something just for you!
  • Coordinating murals with site painters in healthcare environments and living communities
  • The chance to inventory a corporation’s art collection and refresh it and relocate it in their space. If it needs a new frame or a repair — perodesign can make it right. Haven’t you been meaning to clean out that storage room?

All of these are examples of using what you do best as your “art.” Perodesign can help you identify what you might already have, or help you to capture your best asset in a way that does more than just “decorates” your space. Give us a ring!

This is always a fun update. The photos are taken on media day by the Trailblazers great marketing team, selected and we then print them. After we have the prints, we finish them by mounting on 3/4″ bamboo with Portland’s eco-conscious display company, Plywerk.

They layout is not easy. It’s a puzzle without a guide, so we move them around quite a bit till it just works. It is a lot of fun when the puzzle is solved.

In addition to new players, Pyramid’s Tap Room at Schonely’s Place inside the Moda Center got a fresh coat of paint and some more photos. We took the old pieces off the wall and after it was ready we did a new layout for the photos, added a more and installed, just in time for the WINNING season opener.

The Jersey case was done a couple years ago, but the light was on it just right, so had to show you. This is a display case for 3 retro jerseys. We wanted them to float in different layers so we worked with bars and cables from Arakawa to make this work.



There is a refreshing update every year

There is a refreshing update every year

The walls have been repainted, and we a=rearranged the artwork on the Tap Room at Moda Center, just in time for the winning first game!

There isn’t a space in the Tap Room that doesn’t scream Rip City.

IMG_3070 IMG_3089 IMG_3091 IMG_3092

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