About Chris Pero

Hi! I'm Chris Pero

My personal art history story goes way back. I grew up with art in many different forms, and I continue to discover new mediums. At a young age my interest began with photography and glassblowing then went to school for Graphic Design. After trying my hand at graphic design as a career, I realized I wanted to expand my knowledge base and continued my education with pursuing a degree in non-traditional fine art photography. This is where I learned to make the process of art fun. I understand with art there are many possibilities, allowing space to explore and develop new ideas each day.

Art has been an integral part of my life dating back to childhood. While in college, I started framing photos. It was then I learned the importance of presentation, as well as the impact it makes with the art and space it is in. Since I started my career in the custom picture framing industry, I know what can and cannot be done, or more importantly, what should or should not be done. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, I still love what I do and the client relationships I have built.

I am experienced in many facets of the art presentation industry, I have a great team of vetted professionals that I work alongside with to make your art sourcing and display experience one you not only enjoy, but that you look forward to. It is truly a real joy to see the inside workings of various businesses come alive through amazing photos displayed in lobbies, or to preserve and highlight the history of a family or a business through unique collage walls.