25 Apr Daimler Trucks North America Opens New Corporate Headquarters 04/19/2016

Daimler Trucks North America Opens New Corporate Headquarters
PORTLAND, Ore. – April 19, 2016 – Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) marked a milestone in its corporate history today with the grand opening celebration of its new nine-story headquarters building on its corporate campus in North Portland, Ore. City and State officials, as well as various community leaders, were on hand at the event to celebrate the company’s commitment to helping Portland grow, as it has done for over 70 years since the company’s founding in the Northwest. Read the full press release here: Daimler Trucks North America Opens New Corporate Headquarters

Perodesign installed and acted as project manager for 400+ reproductions of Daimler Trucks photographs!

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08 Sep Photographer Kirk Jonasson shows at Chessman Gallery

JonassonVolta2Portland photographer, Kirk Jonasson, one of Pero Design’s favorite artists to hang and commission is as local as they come. Born in Portland and educated in Oregon, Kirk is a self-taught photographer who still likes to do things the old fashioned way. He uses real film, a medium formate SLR and prints his own pictures in a dark room – making his images authentic representations of the exact moment he captured with no “photoshopping.”

Kirk’s abstract images capture the extraordinary in the every day. According to Kirk, “For me, effective use of the camera as an art instrument extends beyond skilled documentation. Ready made beauty in a grand landscape is of less interest to me than the excitement to be found in compelling images of commonly overlooked or even outwardly mundane, subject matter.”

Kirk avoids post-production manipulation of color and composition and prints the full frame images he has captured. He believes that to alter  the original image in the darkroom or via computer would devalue his intuitive process – his way of finding “magic” while in the field. We couldn’t agree more!

Want to see more of Kirk’s work in person? He’s having a show called Inner Landscapes from September 11 – October 5 at the Chessman Gallery, a nonprofit art space inside Lincoln City’s Cultural Center.

Like what you see? Contact Pero Design to view a full portfolio and coordinate the right Jonasson work or commission for your space!

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14 Jul Fresh encaustics from Annie Darling

What more can I say about how much I love encaustic paintings for commercial and large spaces? Obviously, they are kind of a thing for me (see: http://chrisperodesign.com/perodesign-features-local-nw-art-for-first-hanging-at-new-studio-space/). Encaustics spark my curiosity and draw me in – I wonder, “what is this?” Some have little treasures embedded in the wax.

Encaustic painting is an ancient Greek technique that was derived from the waxing process used to caulk ships. When color was applied to the wax the ships could be decorated. The slow build up of colored wax on easel paintings created a rich, deep pigment and an optical effect that was more lifelike then the tempura painting also being done at that time. Plus, its greater durability made it even more appealing. Our modern ability to keep the beeswax and resin used in the medium heated throughout the creative process has brought this ancient style back into the modern art sphere.

Encaustics work great in a space where people have the time to really look and explore a work of art – a place where the mind can wander. I’ve personally enjoyed encaustics in doctor’s offices and massage rooms. They are great for waiting rooms of any kind.

Skyline - Annie DarlingI’ve recently met encaustic painter, Annie Darling while I was sourcing work for a large client. I know, I know…I usually push the Pacific Northwest artist angle, but I just can’t help myself from sharing her work. (She’s from Portland, ME, so that’s close enough, right? Plus, she’s a Duck.) A self-proclaimed “encaustic rebel,” Annie started working with the wax without any formal training. Her works blend encaustic with oil, graphite, gold leaf and acrylic paint. She is heavily influenced by the natural world. I think Annie’s work really captures the viewer and inspires a creative through process.

Find out more about Annie at http://www.anniedarlingart.com. Contact Pero Design for information about large-scale purchasing or commissions with Annie. Pero design will be the local liaison, visiting your space for sizing, quantity and color consults or for discussing how you can commission Annie to create something just for your space.

Between.The.Lines. Annie Darlling

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03 Dec Photographs by a local photographer welcomes patients

Allan Leahy is a local photographer, and this dental clinic has his work throughout.   We start here in the lobby.  The printer we used for this piece did  a salon mount on the back side of acrylic with stainless stand offs.  The stand offs were chosen as it worked really well with the finishes the client and designer selected.

In the surgery center,  which was not complete when we took these photos,  we presented the photos on acrylic without a frame.   The cleat we installed them with raised them off the wall about 1/2″. The pieces are secure on the wall,  and create a window like feel.


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03 Dec A building addition to a Portland office gets new art

The designer came to us and asked us to print some photos on canvas for their client.  I asked them more about their client and thought this was a time to step outside the box and do something that fits within their business.  As you can see,  we had printed 3  photos on acrylic an mounted them with steel stand offs.  These abstract photos by local photographer Rick Sorensen,  were presented clean and simple.

For their classroom and break area,   we framed another local photographer Jerome Harts photos in nice wide black wood frames.  The fun photos really pop!


Acrylic can be hard to work with,  but with the careful team of installers we use,  we were able to out the art up flawlessly

Acrylic can be hard to work with, but with the careful team of installers we use, we were able to out the art up flawlessly

Jerome Hart photographs show of education in the classroom

Jerome Hart photographs show of education in the classroom

Common area



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17 Nov Ready, Set, Play! It’s season 2014/15

This is always a fun update.   The photos are taken on media day by the Trailblazers great marketing team, selected and we then print them.   After we have the prints,   we finish them by mounting on 3/4″ bamboo with Portland’s eco-consious display company, Plywerk.

They layout is not easy.  It’s a puzzle without a guide,  so we move them around quite a bit till it just works.  It is a lot of fun when the puzzle is solved.

In addition to new players,  Pyramid’s Tap Room at Schonely’s Place inside the Moda Center got a fresh coat of paint and some more photos.  We took the old pieces off the wall and after it was ready we did a new layout for the photos, added a more and installed,  just in time for the WINNING season opener.

The Jersey case was done a couple years ago,  but the light was on it just right,  so had to show you.   This is a display case for 3 retro jerseys.   We wanted them to float in different layers so we worked with bars and cables from Arakawa to make this work.



There is a refreshing update every year

There is a refreshing update every year

The walls have been repainted, and we a=rearranged the artwork on the Tap Room at Moda Center, just in time for the winning first game!

There isn’t a space in the Tap Room that doesn’t scream Rip City.

IMG_3070 IMG_3089 IMG_3091 IMG_3092

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18 Nov Commission for site specific project

This is a commission piece requested by our client to reflect innovative tenants.   Tim Lundholm is the artist,  seen to the left,  and after reviewing the space,  looked at the colors and created an abstract on paper with charcoal, pastel and ink to compliment the interiors.     We framed it simply in black to let the art stand on its own.     It is stunning.
Tim's install

This piece was done specifically for a large space  that was available for lease,  and wanting to bring in    innovative tenants.

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19 Mar The Hue_ South Lake Union in Seattle

This was a great project to work with the developer and design team.   Our mission was to design a creative and engaged living environment for the tenants.   Doing this,  we placed an original enameled metal piece By Jeff Fontaine in the entry and added 3 limited edition prints on acrylic in the hallway outside the leasing office.  The leasing office has 2 signed limited edition prints on canvas. The next area we worked on is the community room which has a pool table, video games, TV’s, and shuffle board.  To add to the coolness in this space,  we framed several concert posters and band photos on canvas.

The cohesion between concept and completions was seamless and successful.   Please contact us if you would like more information on the developer, design team and artists involved.

IMG_4928DSC_9991DSC_9988                                                                     DSC_9957

DSC_9947                                                                                                                   DSC_9954 IMG_4939DSC_9965DSC_9969 DSC_9972 DSC_9975 DSC_9984 DSC_9979DSC_9986DSC_9987

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19 Mar Fixing up a Trailblazers player family room with framed photos

December 2012 & January 2013

Here we have 2 different family rooms at the Rose Garden Arena, as well as the hallway players head out to the game through with a roster wall leading them to the game

The first family room you see has fun photos of the players, and the other  family room is geared towards kids with “Blaze” the mascot on the wall.   We also added in some history with a black and white photo of legendary Bill Schonely, AKA “the Schonz.”  He was the play by play broadcaster from 1970 – 1998.

This is where families of players might watch the game.    Working with our client,  we came up with a good system that can be changed out as the team goes through changes.

IMG_4636 IMG_4637 IMG_4639 IMG_4640 IMG_4641 IMG_4642 IMG_4644 IMG_4646

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