perodesign is a full service team that takes great care with your art and framing needs.  We have the expertise to manage and guide your project from the initial artist selection process to seamless procurement of artwork.  We will direct and carry you through every step, and ensure successful installation.

We have a large network of national artists for you to select from.  Most importantly, we support local, emerging artists with a goal to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly art practices; keeping our carbon footprint in mind every step of the way!

Our motto is, ‘if it is done right the first time, you do not need to do it again’

Have you been tasked with the job of putting personal touches into your office space, or of ordering artwork for your office or building? Many of my clients are not comfortable selecting art that everyone in the office gets to see. In fact, many of my clients have ordered prints or other artwork in the past that just did not work for the space.  This is where we come in.  We make this a fun process and guide you through every step, making you part of the process.  The process will be fun and rewarding.

Because we have many types of clients, we will tailor our process of laying out options, presenting various ideas, and helping groups come to a common goal to meet specific needs.

We work hard to assess the client’s needs and ensure a timeless presentation.

We use an in-depth 8 step discovery process to determine our project and take care of pre-planning. Successful pre-planning is what sets us apart. Our research and development phase is second-to-none and we work hard to determine your goals, plans and budget. Then, we follow-up the pre-planning with our installation process so you have a collection that is timeless and lasts forever.

  1. Set up initial interview/consultation
  2. Research company
  3. Prepare ideas for initial consult
  4. Learn about business so it is easy to showcase
  5. Determine budget
  6. Establish timelines
  7. Discovery of plans/thoughts
  8. Show initial ideas after first consult



Providence Health Systems . Sisu Design Group . Genetic Dentists, Dental Care Today . World of Smiles . Daimler Trucks of North America . Pacific Retirement Services . Portland Trailblazers . Urban Renaissance Group . Western States Chiropractic . Ankrom Moisan  . Myhre Group Architects . Mackenzie . Sera Architects . King Retail Solutions . Jessica Klein . Element 8 Design . Portland Yoga Arts . Commerce Properties . Shorenstein Realty Services . Kaiser Permanente . Terry Beard . CoHesion Design . CB Richard Ellis . Knowledge Learning Center . Mentor Graphics . Sussman Shank LLP . Bright DesignLab . Marger Johnson LLP . 

A building addition to a Portland office gets new art

The designer came to us and asked us to print some photos on canvas for their client.  I asked them more about their client and thought this was a time to step outside the box and do something that fits within their business.  As you...

Ready, Set, Play! It’s season 2014/15

This is always a fun update.   The photos are taken on media day by the Trailblazers great marketing team, selected and we then print them.   After we have the prints,   we finish them by mounting on 3/4" bamboo with Portland's eco-consious display...

Commission for site specific project

This is a commission piece requested by our client to reflect innovative tenants.   Tim Lundholm is the artist,  seen to the left,  and after reviewing the space,  looked at the colors and created an abstract on paper with charcoal, pastel and ink to compliment...

The Hue_ South Lake Union in Seattle

This was a great project to work with the developer and design team.   Our mission was to design a creative and engaged living environment for the tenants.   Doing this,  we placed an original enameled metal piece By Jeff Fontaine in the entry and...

Fixing up a Trailblazers player family room with framed photos

December 2012 & January 2013 Here we have 2 different family rooms at the Rose Garden Arena, as well as the hallway players head out to the game through with a roster wall leading them to the game The first family room you see has fun photos...

Photos for the headquarters

February 2013 We worked with a great interior designer and her client to make their Portland headquarter office show a little of the 4 other cities where they have offices.   Los Angeles, Oakland,  Seattle and San Francisco.  We are currently working on one more Portland...

Sleep well for the sleep lab

December 2012 A Portland sleep lab was getting a little, much needed, make over.  A little money was left over at year end  that allowed for some new things like, furniture, and best of all ART on the walls!    It was a very last minute...

A new office gets art!

January 2013 This medical clinic was brand new in 2012, and after "living" in it for a few months we selected some art that added color, and was pretty unique.     We worked with the budget and decided to have prints on canvas with a...

Wow! A lot has been happening, and it’s all pretty cool.

[gallery orderby="rand"] I cannot believe what the last 4 months have been like.  Never a dull moment for sure.   I have had the opportunity to work on some unique projects in healthcare, commercial, hospitality and even some residential.   Here are a couple photos to...